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Skagit River Salmon Festival
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Skagit River Salmon Festival
10 am - 6 pm, September 8th, 2018 • Edgewater Park Mount Vernon

The Fidalgo Fly Fishers use the opportunity of the Skagit River Salmon Festival to further the clubs Aims &; Purposes.
In addition to the sport of Fly Fishing itself, Fidalgo Fly Fishers members are involved in educating the public on environmental and conservation issues such as fish and wildlife habitat protection and restoration.
    These efforts focus on education through fly fishing and include the following objectives.
   1. To encourage fly fishing and other selective fishing techniques  as a  means  of conservation and increasing fishing opportunity.
   2. To actively assist and encourage the public to become fly fishers, and to adopt the club's philosophies.
   3. To encourage family and youth participation in activities of the club, and to provide instruction in all phases of fly fishing for youth and adults.
   4. Fidalgo Fly Fishers are active in many of the important conservation issues of the day by conserving, restoring, and  education through Fly Fishing.

Our club participation in the Skagit River Salmon Festival helps supports other Skagit Watershed Council organizations, conservation organizations that we contribute to, and provides a valuable public education to fly fishing for young and old alike.

We will be asking for Volunteers in the near future.