Author Topic: SALMON FISHING from WEST WHIDBEY ISLAND.  (Read 250 times)


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Coordinator: TBD
Date:   TBD to fly fish from the beach at
Ebey's Landing on the West side of Whidbey Island for Salmon.

If you fish at Ebey's Landing you will be subject to the current regulations listed under Marine Area 9 in the Washington Sport Fishing Rules, effective July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019.
   ALSO - remember to check for "Emergency Closures" that over ride the printed Sport Fishing Rules !

When casting a fly from the beach on the West side of Whidbey Island it will very likely be windy and that wind might be right in your face. So - leave the light weight rods and lines at home.
You will cast much better into the wind with a heavier rod and line. A 7wt system is about as light as needed - it's not the size of the fish, it's punching thru the wind. You might even need a sink tip on the end of any 7wt floating line unless you are expert at casting into wind.

  Directions to Ebey's Landing - on Whidbey Island heading South on SR20. Turn right on S. Ebey Rd and stay to the right when you get to the Y. The beach is several miles from SR20.
   BE SURE to have a current Discover Pass for parking.

In past years at the landing, Fidalgo Fly Fishers were well spread out along the beach North of the parking area.
   A WORD OF CAUTION - at times waves can be large at Ebey's Landing, large enough to nock a big person down.
Also, be mindful of who and what is behind you before you make a back cast. Many people and dogs will be walking the beach - so, LOOK BEHIND !

An experienced Fidalgo Fly Fishers member (Russ Asbury and others).  will introduce members to the Salmon Fishery beaches near Ebey's landing.  Just let Russ know if you are interested.  Also, check here as the date may change.
It is also very important to check the regulations and check for emergency closings before each days fishing as they are very fluid.

Refer to:
Current Marine Fisheries regulations as of July 1st

Ebey's landing parking lot looks like this:

Map to Ebey's landing parking lot.