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Grande Ronde 2018 Coordinator: TBD
« Opened on July 21, 2017, 04:38:41 PM (Edited November 11, 2017, 01:55:03 PM) »
Grande Ronde
October xxth to xxth
Coordinator: Richard Raisler
The plan is to travel to Shumakers Grade Sunday October xxth and return in about 5 Days.  The area is fairly remote with no amenities and you must carry out everything you carry in.    General information will be provided at upcoming General Meetings, The Wahoo, and by an informal survey. Just let Richard know if you are interested..

The Grande Ronde is tucked away in Washington’s extreme southeast corner, almost 500 miles from the ocean, the Grande Ronde River offers recreation opportunities throughout the year. From September to early April, it’s one of the state’s finest and most famous steelhead streams. But in the summer, the river turns into a smallmouth bass, rainbow trout and channel catfish fishery to behold.
And those are only the fishing highlights. Opportunities also abound for families to float, swim, mountain bike, hike, hunt, and watch abundant wildlife at multiple access points along the river, including state wildlife areas and boat launches. See WDFW’s Grande Ronde corridor public recreation maps (at bottom) and the US. Bureau of Land Management website for details on the Grand Ronde River and permit requirements for rafts and drift boats using the river. Camping opportunities are numerous in the cool comfort of the surrounding Blue Mountains in the Umatilla National Forest, at Fields Spring State Park  and on public land along the river.

Lower Granite Dam Steelhead count
Lower Granite Dam Steelhead count by day

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