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Lone Lake Carp Exclusion Project & Closure Coordinator Update 4: Terry Abrams
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Lone Lake Update 4
November 2017

In the fall of 2016, Lone Lake suffered a major fish kill after an algae bloom, wiping out all the trout.  In February of this year, local fishing clubs purchased approximately 450 trout to help speed the recovery to a quality fishery.  These fish were from a private hatchery in Darrington, had just recovered from spawning, and were between 1 and 1 ½ lbs. – more than twice the weight of fish available from the state.  The Darrington hatchery included a couple of larger 6lb fish as a bonus.  All the fish were in good shape.  In March, WDFW added 4000 catchables weighing an average of 7 oz. each.  The lake saw light fishing pressure in the spring and summer.   A toxic blue-green algae bloom then closed the lake to all activities from July through September, while the fish continued to grow. 
In October the lake reopened and we began fishing again.  To assess the stock, a few of us weighed and measured 34 fish we caught.  We then compared these fish to a prior fall assessment, completed in 2012.  See graphs on second page for a comparison of the two groups.  All but 2 of the fish we measured this fall were 16” or less.   The two that were bigger were possibly from the Darrington hatchery, but we can’t be sure.  The WDFW fish have grown quickly in the lake, increasing from 7 oz. to over 20 oz. in a little over 6 months - over 10% higher than the growth we saw in 2012.

To increase sample size, additional fish (81) were caught during an Evergreen Club fish-out in early November.   Members were asked to report hours they fished, number of fish landed, and if any of the fish were obviously over 16”.    No jumbo fish were reported.  This leads us to believe that there was very low survival over the summer by the larger Darrington fish.  However, the catch rate (fish/hour) was quite good.  We caught a total of 137 fish in 79 hours for a catch rate of 1.7/hour.  These fish averaged 15.1” and a little over 20 oz.  Good fish!   
In summary, the forecast for next spring is excellent, and next year’s catch should include more of those 18” fish we are looking for.  Thanks go to the following clubs, who helped in the recovery effort – Evergreen FFC, Whidbey Island FFC, Fidalgo FFC, Olympic FFC, and the Whidbey FC.
Jake Jacobson, Evergreen FFC


Lone Lake Closue ( UpDate 3)
From Terry Abrams. Lone Lake will be closed until further Notice

Lone Lake Carp Exclusion Project ( UpDate 2)
Please refer to the Following article on the latest Bow Hunting on Lone Lake.

Expert boating bowmen, baited by grateful goading fly fishers, take on the challenge "bet you can't hit one" and show their prowess at Lone Lake. Taking nine of the wily rascals from an obviously well equipped weapons delivery platform these marksmen plan on a rematch 5 May. Nine down and maybe a couple of hundred to go is a really good start and the Northwest Fly clubs applaud their efforts. Fidalgo Fly Fishers president Ryan Johnson was overheard saying what a great sea run cutthroat fly delivery system that boat could be. In all seriousness we are lucky fishers that Jake Jacobson continues to lead this endeavor.

In 2007 Grass Carp were introduced into Lone Lake to help reduce noxious weeds.  What could go wrong?

The following reports summarize the results of the carp exclusion project at Lone Lake, Island County. The project was completed by volunteers from the Evergreen Fly Fishing Club and the Whidbey Island Fly Fishing Club, with financial support from the Island County Noxious Weed Board.


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