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Outings & Events Page
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Last updated 06December2017
2017 Outings & Events

December 2017

1. General Meeting December 21st.
The Christmas party is December 21st, Thursday, 6pm, at the LaConner Seafood and Prime Rib Restaurant. The Dinner cost is $30.00  per person.

If you include your annual dues with your ticket price, you will be entered into a drawing to win a free year's Fidalgo Fly Fishers membership in. 

Please have your raffle donation ready by the November meeting. Proceeds from the raffle support non-profit groups that work to enhance fishing habitat.

The Christmas Party is limited to Fidalgo Fly Fishers Members and a guest.

Last updated 06December2017
2018 Outings & Events

January 2018
Fly Fishing class at Skagit Valley College
Wednesday January 3rd through Wednesday March 14th
From 6:30 to 9:30 pm

Important Notice:  Class has been Filled


This course focuses upon fly fishing for trout in western North America streams and lakes. The beginner will acquire sufficient knowledge and skill to start fly fishing and catch trout. The topics include: matching lines, rods, and reels; casting fly line; selecting leaders, knots, and tippets; learning about trout foods and related flies; basic fly tying; trout habitat and behavior; and fly fishing methods. About half of the classes will be actual "hands-on" learning by doing. There will be a couple optional Saturday classes as well.
More info on the Bulletin Board
The 2018 winter fly fishing class is scheduled to start Wednesday, January 3rd 6:30 to 9:30 pm and continue through March 14th at the Mount Vernon Campus, Roberts Hall Room T41.   --Link to the SVCC catalog page SKAGIT VALLEY COLLEGE Continuing  Professional Education select the Winter schedule then the course information.

2.  General Meeting January 18th.

Guest Speaker: Mark Raisler of Headhunters Fly Shop, Craig, Montana htt I'mp:// . Marks Topic will be Spey fishing for Trout and other Topics.
Mark is a co-owner of Headhunters Fly Shop, and a longtime Missouri River guide and outfitter. Mark claims the Missouri River courses through his veins, and you will not find another angler with more devotion to the Mighty Mo’, or more knowledge about it’s history, fish, hatches and people. Mark is a “teaching” guide, and spends many days showing his guests the intricacies of downstream dry fly presentations.
Mark has learned a few things about catching trout in the Missouri River in the 25 years he’s been fishing there.
Come with dry hopes, he tells his clients, but prepare to fish wet.
“Of the 275,000 flies we sell through our shop in a year, only 25,000 are dry,” he said in a winter program for the Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club. Wet flies and nymphs are lost more often than dries, but the statistic still speaks for itself.
In 2008, Raisler opened Headhunters Fly Shop in Craig, Montana, with optimism blind to the odds. “Craig had a population of 35 and there were already two fly shops,”.
Shamelessly describing himself as a ski bum turned trout bum, Mark produces a Headhunters blog with copious servings of trout porn, updates, tips and advice attracting thousands of reads a day by anglers around the globe. “There’s a lot of interest in this fishery,” he said. “It’s world-class.”  His observations – 5,100 articles over nine years – are worth reading even though Mark contends he’s still “on the learning curve” of fishing the Missouri after logging “only” 3,549 days on the river downstream from Holter Dam.

With stretches holding up to 3,500 catchable rainbows and 500 brown trout per mile, the fishery can be well worth the 900-mile round trip. One stretch surveyed held 2,700 trout per mile with 50 percent of them being greater than 18 inches,.

3.Outings:  Refer to the Bulletin Board for more information.
a.  Steelhead on the Skagit. Date: TBD. Coordinator:  Patrick Smedile

Last Years Outing Slide Showb.  Sportsman’s Show (Sport Fishing and Boat Show)  January 24th thru 28th
refer to
 c. Spey Casting on the Skagit with Scott Willison Date TBDth Coordinator: Cathy Schaeffer

February 2018

Please be advised the General Meeting date has been changed to Friday Febuary 16th
1.  General Meeting  Friday February 16th.   
The Guest Speaker Mandi McDougal of West Coast Adventures, Terrace British Columbia.  Her Topic Steelhead and Salmon Fishing Adventure out of Terrace.
OWNER/OPERATOR/HOSTESS MANDI MCDOUGALL of Westcoast Fishing Adventures provides guided fishing adventures in a world-class fishing destination, the Skeena. Anglers from all over the globe converge on Terrace every year to experience both freshwater and saltwater fishing all in one spectacular setting. Experienced guides take anglers to locations that include more than 30 local rivers, lakes and the Pacific Ocean. Packages include pick-up at Northwest Regional Airport plus all meals and lodging in the comfortable and well-appointed McKean Mountainside Lodge for the duration of your stay. Fishing destinations can be tailored according to individual tastes for adventure.

Open to non-members.

3.  Outings: Refer to the Bulletin Board for more information.

a.  Lynnwood Fly Fishing Show- February 17th - 18th  Coordinator: TBD.

We hope that many of you can go and support this event. Some club members may car pool down to this event.
b.  Lone Lake Outing Date: TBDth.  Coordinator: Terry Abrams.
refer to: Lone Lake Information

Terry needs six members to signup for this Outing

March 2018

1. Abbotsford BC Boat and Sportsmen’s Show
Tradex Centre, 1190 Cornell St., Abbottsford, BC
March 2rd to 4th, 2018
This is a large boat, fishing, and hunting show that includes fly fishing equipment.  Over 33,000 people attended in 2015, so we suggest going on Friday, March 3rd.
Hours:  Friday, noon to 9 pm; Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm; and Sunday, 10 am to 5 pm
Cost:  TBA

2.  Pass Lake Fish Census March 17 thru March 31 Coordinator: Bruce Freet.
The Fidalgo Fly Fishers and others will be conducting a fish census on Pass Lake.
 You are welcome to participate, refer to this Information and Statistics PDF Here  The resulting data will be shared with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife in an effort to improve the fishing. The 2018 Census Form in PDF format can be found here
The Census Data Sheet forms with information can be mailed to Fish Census, 2121 Forest Drive, Mount Vernon, WA 98273, given to any Club member,
or brought to the next meeting of the Fidalgo Fly Fishers on April 19th. Thank you for helping to make a difference.

3.  General Meeting March 15th.
The Guest Speaker Justin Waters of All-Waters Fly Fishing, Puget Sound and Hood Canal.
Justin Waters was born in Panama City Beach, Florida and moved to Crystal River, Florida shortly after that. His first memories were fishing for largemouth bass and other spiny rays off of his Grand Mothers dock. After falling in love with the largemouth that hid deep in the swamps and back waters of the Withlacoochee River he trashed his first of many props at the Age of 11. He discovered flats fishing when he was about 12 years old and the saltwater intrigued him and took hold of his life from then on out.

Moving to Washington and obtaining a degree in Fisheries, Justin then started fishing Puget Sound, and shortly after Hood Canal. After a brief disruption to head into Yellowstone Country and work for Mike Lawson at Henry’s Fork Anglers, he moved back, got his Captains license, and quickly became one of the most booked guides in Washington’s Hood Canal and Puget Sound. He now owns All-Waters Fly Fishing and Guide Service, runs an 18′ center console bay boat, ties flies commercially, and is on the water more often than not. He is on Pro Staff with: Scott Fly Rods, Loon Outdoors, and Fly Men Fishing Company.

Open to non-members.

4. Outings:  Refer to the Bulletin Board for more information.
a. Chironomid Capers (Saturday March 17th)."Chironomid Capers" is a Club outing at Pass Lake when Chironomids are the main diet of the rainbow and brown trout there.
  Members gather at the launch ramp early in the morning for coffee and donuts, and then head-out onto the lake with their favorite Chironomid flies.
Coordinator: Robin La Rue.
refer to:

b.  Spey Casting on the Salt with Scott Willison   Date TBDth  .  Coordinator: Sheila Tomas

c.  Casting Clinic: The Double Haul. Instructor: TBD Date:  March TBDth
   This instruction is to build the casting skills of Club Members with beginning or
intermediate casting skills by learning to double haul and to become comfortable
and confident with the Double Haul.  Refer here for: More information .
This is an Education Event put on by the Education Casting Committee

April 2018

1. April Fools March 31st
 "April Fools" is a Club outing at Pass Lake.  Chironomids are still the food item on the trout diet.
   Members are reminded that a new fishing license and parking permit are necessary!  We meet at the launch ramp and once again try our hand at catching and releasing fish.
     Some claim that there is a skill to it, while others claim luck.  A good time is had by all sharing fishing stories when everyone returns to the launch ramp for a Club sponsored lunch.
  Tim Cooley and other FFF Board members

2. Fly Fishing Film Tour
TBD at the Lincoln Theatre
The Confluence Fly Shop and the North Sound Chapter of Trout Unlimited will  be hosting the 2018 installment of the Fly Fishing Film Tour at the Lincoln Theatre. If you missed last year's event, here's your opportunity. If you caught the tour last year, then you already know how much fun it is. The tour showcases fly fishing short films from around the globe and offers something exciting for just about everyone.

3.  General Meeting April 19th
The Guest Speaker: Molly Semenek of Tie the Knot Fly Fishing, Blaine, Wa. Tie the Knot web site  Her Topic will be 25 Best Off the Beaten Path Small Stream Fly Fishing in Montana
While growing up in Michigan, I had plenty of water to practice my fly fishing skills. The Pere Marquette, Au Sable, and Jordan rivers were favorites. At the age of fourteen, my father gave me his Orvis Bamboo fly rod and that was the beginning of my venture into the world of fly fishing. In 1979, I moved west to Utah and spent the next twenty years fly fishing not only Utah’s famous Green and Provo rivers but also as far south as Lee’s Ferry in Arizona. And even farther south, I began fly fishing in the salt. In 2000, my family and I moved to Montana to begin my career as a professional fly fishing instructor and guide.

With the addition of grandchildren to the family, moving to be  closer to family was the driving force in moving to Washington state.  My husband and I now live in Birch Bay Washington where I not only fish for trout but have added salmon and steelhead and  dungeness crab to the mix.
Molly has been fortunate to have had many professional fly fishing mentors. Many of whom are today in their 80’s. Molly has learned from them and feels it is her duty and privilege to share the history of the sport through the most current techniques, philosophies, and opportunities. It is the sharing of this broad perspective of fly fishing that makes Molly unique.
Molly’s qualifications include:
Started Tie The Knot Fly Fishing in 2001
Guided in Montana for 14 years
Was a Montana outfitter for 7 years
Experienced fly fishing in warm water, salt water and cold water
Member International Federation of Fly Fishers (IFFF) Board of Governors and Board of Directors
Certified Master Casting Instructor (MCI)
Annually teaches over 400 students throughout the United States through schools, shops, clubs, shows,
Having her own instructional and destination fishing programs throughout the United States
Tie The Knot Fly Fishing provides fly fishing instruction in Washington, Montana and throughout the United States.  Classes are for  men, women, kids and families.  For women, I provide instructional, guided fly fishing destination trips in Montana.  Please see Women’s Adventures.

Learning and exploring the sport of fly fishing is a passion for Molly and sharing that passion is her goal.

Tie The Knot Fly Fishing is a unique business. Molly Semenik utilizes her 40 plus years of fly fishing to create a total experience. Tie The Knot is about learning and exploring fly fishing. Molly focuses on: observing the environment, understanding the food source, how and why fish eat, where they live, how to present a fly, how to catch and release a fish. Tie The Knot Fly Fishing is about learning patience, careful observation, skills and the art of fly fishing. Participants range from kids just learning to fly fish to guides wishing to improve their skills. Men and women of all ages and Molly’s special niche women’s groups have benefited from Tie The Knot Fly Fishing’s philosophy of the total experience.

Lastly, Molly is available for anyone interested in private casting instruction.  She is a Master Certified Casting Instructor and loves to teach and stay active teaching in the Blaine/Bellingham area.  She could schedule instruction over a four hour period or offer three one hour lessons for two at $25 each or maybe an hour group lesson for up to $15 each.  It all depends on the level of interest. 

Open to non-members.[/color]

4. Come Celebrate Earth Day April 22nd, 2018:
Coordinator: Education Committee

Fidalgo Fly Fishers will be demonstrating and instructing fly tying and casting as
requested by the Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group at TBD. This is a family oriented event where youngsters
and parents have an opportunity to learn about the third largest river on the West
Coast - the Skagit River.
If you are a fly fishing steelhead enthusiast this is an opportunity to show your
support for the continuation of catch and release steelheading. So bring the
family out to Steelhead Park on Sunday April 22nd - the fun starts at10:00 AM and
runs until 2:00 PM.

If you would like to help out with the casting and or fly tying, contact The education Committee.

5. Outings:  Refer to the Bulletin Board for more information.

1. Chironomid Fishing at Dry Falls Lake (April TBD).  Coordinator: Bill Brodie.
refer to:

2. Cutts and Bulls on the Whidbey Island beaches.   Location: ALA SPIT  date: TBD
Coordinator: TBD.
refer to:

4.  Lenice Lake Outing Coordinator: Allen Rhoads  Date: Late April or early May
refer to:

May 2018
1.  Ellensburg FFI Fair (May 4th & May 5th) Coordinator: TBD
2.  General Meeting May 17th.
The guest speaker will be Scott Willison (Confluence Fly Shop).  His Topic will be Fly Fishing Ross Lake and Lake Whatcom.
Scott Willison is the owner of the Confluence Fly Shop. He’s been fly fishing for over 30 years throughout his home state of Washington, and has also fished in the Bahamas, France, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, Wisconsin, British Columbia, Costa Rica and Mexico.

Scott has an English Writing and Teaching degree from WWU, has taught in public schools and worked as an educator for the Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association. Scott also guided fly fishing on area rivers and beaches prior to his days in the shop. He serves as a Native Fish Society River Steward for the NF Stilliguamish River and is an active member of the Fourth Corner Fly Club. Sometimes he has a beard, sometimes he doesn’t.
   Open to non-members.

3. Outings:  Refer to the Bulletin Board for more information.
a. Big Twin Lake.  Date: TBDth Coordinator: Carl Hendricks
refer to: Twin Big Lake Here:

June 2018

1,  No General Meeting Scheduled.

2.  Outings 
    The following Outings usually occur From late May thru August when the club is not active. 
Corbett lake, Merritt Lake, Select Kamaloops Lakes  Bomber Hatch-Leighton and Janice lake.

July 2018
1.  Tepee Creek small creek outing coordinator: Steven Foster  Date Early July
refer to: Tepee Creek Here:[/color]

2.   No General Meeting Scheduled.
3.  Methow River Outing   Coordinator:  Mark Nilson  Date: July or August refer to the
Methow Outing Here/color]

August 2018

1. No General Meeting Scheduled.

Fly Fishing Fair, Boise Idaho.
Date:  August 3rd-4th

3.  Outings

a,  Salmon fishing from Local Beaches Coordinator: TBD  Date Aug TBDth

September 2018

Skagit River Salmon Festival

10 am - 6 pm, September 8th, 2018 • Edgewater Park Mount Vernon

The Fidalgo Fly Fishers use the opportunity of the Skagit River Salmon Festival to further the clubs Aims &; Purposes.
In addition to the sport itself, members are involved in educating the public on environmental and conservation issues such as fish and wildlife habitat protection and restoration.
    These efforts focus on education through fly fishing and include the following objectives.
   1. To encourage fly fishing and other selective fishing techniques  as a  means  of conservation and increasing fishing opportunity.
   2. To actively assist and encourage the public to become fly fishers, and to adopt the club's philosophies.
   3. To encourage family and youth participation in activities of the club, and to provide instruction in all phases of fly fishing for youth and adults.
   4. Fidalgo Fly Fishers are active in many of the important conservation issues of the day by conserving, restoring, and  education through Fly Fishing.

Our club participation in this free, public service event supports other Skagit Watershed Council organizations, conservation organizations that we contribute to, and provides a valuable public education to fly fishing for young and old alike.
We will be asking for Volunteers in the near future.

2.  General Meeting September 20th.
The guest speaker TBD.
Open to non-members

3. Outings
a.  St. Joe River: Coordinator: Steven Foster.  Date: TBD
b. Cutts and Bulls: Coordinator: TBD.  Date: TBD

g width=600 height=3][/img]

October 2018

1.  Steelhead On the Grand Ronde River, Wa  Coordinator: Richard raisler
Date: TBD
refer to

2.  General Meeting October 18th.
The guest speaker TBD
   Open to non-members.

November 2018

2.  General Meeting November 15th.
November is traditionally our “Show and Tell” month, where members share with the club highlights from their fishing experiences from the year.
The guest speakers TBD
   Open to non-members.

December 2018

1. General Meeting December TBDth.
The Christmas party is Dec. TBDth, Thursday, 6pm, at the LaConner Seafood and Prime Rib Restaurant. $xx.00 per person.

If you include your annual dues with your ticket price, you will be entered into a drawing to win a free year's membership in FFF. 
Please have your raffle donation ready by the November meeting. Proceeds from the raffle support non-profit groups that work to enhance fishing habitat.

The Christmas Party is limited to Fidalgo Fly Fishers Members.


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