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Bulletin Board Access
« Opened on October 11, 2017, 11:55:11 AM (Edited November 11, 2017, 10:16:31 AM) »
Bulletin Board

Accessing The Bulletin Board

A member can gain access to the Bulletin Board from the main menu on the web site.  Any member can Login using the FFF Username and Password provided each month on the Dinner Survey to make a new Topic or initiate a Reply.  A Username and Password are not required to Browse a Topic on the Bulletin Board.  Only the member who created a Topic can Modify a Topic.

Select Login from the menu and a dropdown window will appear to enter the Username and Password. Enter the Username and the Password, enter 60 in the Minutes to Stay Logged on Box and check the Always Stay Logged in Box. Hit the Login button and you are there to make a new Topic, make a reply, or modify a Topic you had made earlier.

Entering a NEW TOPIC

After logging in, if a member wants to create a NEW Topic, select NEW TOPIC from the menu on the right side of the page.  This will take one to the edit page where information can be entered directly or pasted in from another source.  Formatting can be done through the use of BBCode or by using the formating tools at the top of the editing Page.

Entering Information:

Notice the formatting tools available to format text either entered directly or pasted to the edit box.  The procedure is the same as most word processors.  Highlight the text and select the font, font size, color, etc..  The only exception is that positioning format tools such as center must come before the color and size (see example below).  Information can be entered directly or pasted in without any formating.  Formating is not required, it only makes the text look nicer.

Enter the text and Post/Save.  If you d not save the text will be lost.  URL's can be entered directly without formatting.  Images need to be loaded onto the web site or they can be stored on Google Docs or the link address can be copied to the BB as
Code: [Select]

Save, Save, Save

Making a REPLY

A member can make a Reply to any Topic on the Bulletin Board as long as the member Logs in, selects a TOPIC, and selects REPLY.
An edit window will appear and the same rules that apply to a NEW TOPIC entry apply here.

Reply entry/edit screen

Bulletin Board Codes or BBCodes
are a way to format posts.
The following are the BBCodes used most commonly on this web site.
These two sentences are not formated and any document can be entered by plain typing or dropped in from a word processor program.

•     black
•     blue
•     br
•     center
•     color
•     email
•     img
•     left
•     move
•     red
•     right
•     size
•     sub
•     sup
•     table
•     td
•     time
•     tr
•     url
•     white
•     imgleft
•     imgright

Refer to the following for more detail:

The general format of a BBCode tag has three parts: an opening tag, the inside content and a closing tag,
Code: [Select]
[url]url address][/url]
You can place one BBCode tag inside another as long as the child tag is closed before the parent tag. For example, the correct way to add color and change text size is:
Code: [Select]
[color=red][size=14pt]This is nesting[/size [/color]This is nesting

The order in which tags are nested is important when text-formatting tags such as size, bold, or italic are paired with the text-alignment tags center, left, right, and pre. Formatting tags must be placed inside alignment tags. For example, for the size tag to change the font, it must be placed as follows:[/color]
Code: [Select]
[center][color=red][size=14pt]This is nesting[/size] [/color][/center]
This is nesting