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The Following 3 Photos are from the Head Hunters Fly Shop

Rio Spey Central

Red's advice on how to choose a Spey setup.

Royal Wulff Ambush Lines
Conventional Use
Fishing in tight quarters with very limited back cast room. The short heavy head facilitates quick loading and efficient turn over when using weighted flies, split shot and strike indicators. The short rear taper makes roll casting and shooting line easy and lends itself to the various single hand spey casts. The heavy head "digs" in the water surface, slowing the line speed, in the typical down and across presentation, making it ideal for swinging soft hackles or stripping streamers.
Switch use
The short head on the Ambush line makes it the ideal fly line for switch rods. Rule of thumb when selecting a line, is to use 3 line weight sizes above the rod weight. For example, a 5wt switch rod would take an 8wt Ambush line or head. A 7wt switch rod would load well with the 10wt Ambush. If you are going to primarily overhead cast with a switch rod, then go just 2 line sizes above the rod weight(7wt Ambush on a 5wt switch rod).
Scandi use
If you choose to use the Scandi or underhand style of casting, select an Ambush line 3 sizes above your rod weight. Poly leaders (all densities) work exceptionally well on Ambush lines. Total length of your poly leader should be 1 to 1.5 times the length of your rod (including tippet). Poly leaders, because of their similar taper to the Ambush line, tend to increase the overall head length of the Ambush, promoting longer turnover time and increase casting distance.
Skagit use
Skagit style lines are made to cast large flies and heavy sink tips. The Ambush line is similar to other Skagit lines in length but have a more pronounced taper (a short Triangle Taper) which softens the way they turnover (less clunky). When selecting an Ambush line for throwing big flies and sinking tips, go 4 line sizes heavier than the rod weight. For example, for a 8wt spey rod choose an 12wt line or head. A great shooting line to use behind the Ambush head is Wulff’s Tracer shooting line, which comes with an 8 inch loop for easy head changing and has a 2 foot bright orange color at the loop end, to help detect where the shooting line and head meet.

AMB 3 F   18′   175 gr.      AMB 10.5 F   25′   425 gr.
AMB 4 F   18′   195 gr.      AMB 11 F   24′   450 gr.
AMB 5 F   18′   215 gr.      AMB 11.5 F   26′   475 gr.
AMB 6 F   18′   235 gr.      AMB 12 F   25′   500 gr.
AMB 7 F   20′   265 gr.      AMB 12.5 F   29′   525 gr.
AMB 8 F   20′   290 gr.      AMB 13 F   28.5′   550 gr.
AMB 8.5 F   25′   325 gr.      AMB 13.5 F   30′   575 gr.
AMB 9 F   24′   350 gr.      AMB 14 F   29′   600 gr.
AMB 9.5 F   25′   375 gr.      AMB 14.5 F   31′   625 gr.
AMB 10 F   24′   400 gr.      AMB 15 F   30′   650 gr.