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Inline attachments
« Opened on July 21, 2017, 05:02:02 PM (Edited November 12, 2017, 03:37:17 PM) »

An example of
In-line expandable
click to view enlargement.

Adds bbcodes attachimg=n, attach=n, attachurl=n or attachmini=n to position attachments within the post.  n is the number of the attachment in the post, eg first = 1, second = 2, etc.
o Adds optional align and width attributes as attachimg=1 align=left width=200
o Align can be left, right or center.  For left and right aligns the text will flow around the image
o Width works on attachimg, if the specified width is less than the image then a link (or highslide) is added to one to view the full sized image
o The mod is HS4SMF aware, if the highslide mod is installed it will work on the attachment (assuming its not full size)
o Adds in line options next to the attachment/upload box to insert the correct bbcode
o The default placement of attachments at the bottom of the post is unaffected for the attachments that were not used in line.
o Works in all areas of the board such as new posts since last visit / all posts of user / new, reply, modify messages / Topic/Reply History.
o Allows pseudo preview for attachments that have not been uploaded by providing an image box / text string shown in the preview window to help ensure proper layout and placement of attachments

There are some basic admin settings available with this mod, go to admin - configuration - modification settings - ILA.  Here you can disable/enable the mod.