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Fidalgo Fly Fishers Favorite Links:

Basic Fly Fishing:
Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center
Cabella Fly Fishing University
Fly Fishing Entomology
Washington Lakes
RIO's Spey Central
Rio has created a interactive display to help in both two handed and single handed fly line selection for a particular Fly Rod
Spey Fly Line Setup

General Information:
Fly Fishing Collection at Western Washington University.
Bio of a Bull Trout
Fly Fishing for Steelhead - 101 by Steve Buckner of The Northwest Fly Fisherman

International Federation of Fly Fishers.
The Washington State Council of International Fly Fishers.
The Washington State Council of International Fly Fishers Club List.
B.C. Federation of FLY Fishers
California Trout
Wild SteelHead Coalition
Western Rivers Conservancy
Skagit Land Trust
Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group
Wildcat Steelhead Club
Skagit Conservancy

Fly Tyer Magazene
Fly Anglers OnLine
Global FlyFisher E-Magazine
Montana Fly Fishing Magazine
A River Never Sleeps Magazine

Washington department of Fish & Wildlife.
Washington Sport Fishing Rules:
Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations

Retail Fly Shops:
The Confluence Fly Shop
Headhunter Fly Shop
Holiday Sports Burlington

Weather, tide and Flow Conditions:
NOAA Tides and Currents program.
USGS Current Water Data for Washington link.
Weather Radar.
Tides4Fishing Washington State
Pro_Tides for Washington

Valued Friends:
The FarmHouse Restaurant
The LaConner WaterFront Cafe.
La Conner Seafood & Prime Rib House.


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Self Help Using books and Video
   --Basic Overhead Cast
   Joan Wulff teaches the Basics of Fly Casting:
   Joan Wulff on the Hand and the Arm:
   Joan Wulff Teaches Shooting Line
   Carl McNeils Tips for Casting in the Wind
   Joan Wulff Teaches The Double Haul
   Double Haul by Orvis
   --Basic Roll Cast
   Joan Wulff Teaches The Roll Cast
   Roll Cast and explanation of the D-Loop
   Advanced Roll Casting, for Tighter Loops
   Single Handed Snake Roll
   --Position Casts
The Reach Cast and Reach Mend
The Aerial Mend
The Tuck Cast
     Spey, Skagit and Scandi Casting
Steve Rajeff explaining the three predominant styles of Spey casting
Choosing the ideal Spey line, by Simon Gawesworth of Rio products">
Running Line Handling for Scandinavian and Skagit Spey cast

   Spey casting
Spey Casting 50 minutes
Skagit Casting - Defined and Simplifyed
Spey Casting Tips - Anchor Placement
single Spey Cast with Simon
Single Spey and Switch Cast
Single Spey and Switch Cast with G-Loomis
Double Spey
Spey Casting a Long Belly
The Snap T
Snap-T, Snap-C, & Snap-Z
Snake Roll
Step and Slide with CSP  How to work the run.
Single Hand Spey Casting

         Scandi Casting
Underhand Technique - Goran Andersson
Goran Andersson's full fly casting show in 2013
Master the Scandinavian Speycast with Henrik Mortensen
Rod designer Andre Scholz gives a few pointers on Scandi casting
Scandi Short VersiTip from Rio and Simon Gawesworth
Airflo Scandi Compact Fly Line with Tim Rajeff
Spey casting with Scandi line

   Skagit Casting
What the hell is Skagit?
Skagit basic Casting 20 minutes
Simon Gawesworth the Skagit casting
Simon Gawesworth at SOR, Skagit casting.
Leaders and Tips
An explanation of RIO MOW tips
Versileaders and Polyleaders
Rio In-line sinking lines wth Rowley, Chan, and Gawesworth
Some Must have Spey Books
Beginning Fly Fishing: 
   While there are many great Fly Fishing Books for Beginners Fidalgo Fly Fishers
   recommend the following two books as starter books because of their approach
   to Fly Fishing and the completness of content. These books are no substitute
   for The Fidalgo fly Fishing course offered by the Skagit Valley Comunity College.
   The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide, (Competely Revised and Updated) by Rosenbauer,
   Tom 2007. The Orvis Company. Printed by Lyons Press, Guilford, Connecticut.
   246 pp.
   The L.L. Bean Ultimate Book of Fly Fishing in Paperback
   by Macauley Lord, Dick Talleur, and Dave Whitlock.
   Beginning Fly Tying:
   The better way to learn how to tie flies is to attend a class or to carefully
   watch tiers at sport shows or club meetings and ask questions. The latter process
   usually does not get you involved with the basics because the tier is probably
   creating an advanced style.
   If you are unable to attend a class, there have been numerous books printed
   over the years where the author tried to create the necessary explanations for
   Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple by Skip Morris, A Frank Amato 1992 original publication now in its 23rd printing, is a good beginners book if you can not attend a fly tying class.

   Fly Patterns for Stillwaters by Philip Rowley.
   Philip Rowley begins with a season by season analysis of the diet of trout found
   in stillwater in BC and the northwestern US. Taking each of the major categories
   (chironomids, scuds, damselflies, dragonflies, leeches, mayflies, caddisflies,
   water boatmen, and "hodgepodge") in turn, he describes its life cycle and gives his thoughts on pattern design.
   For each category, he illustrates five to twelve flies that he has found to
   be effective imitations, gives step by step tying instructions, and explains
   how best to fish each fly. The photographs of the natural insects are excellent.
   The tying instructions are clear and well illustrated. Many of the patterns
   are original with Mr. Rowley and all can be tied by tiers of any skill level.
   Basic Knots
   Duncan (Uni) Loop
   Non-Slip Mono Loop Knot
   Sixteen - Twenty Knot or Pitzen Knot
   Surgeons Knot
   Nail Knot
   Perfection Loop
   Albright - Special
   Blood Knot
   Trilene Knot
   Every Fishing Knot You Need to Know
   Mayfly Life Cycle
   Midge Life Cycle
   Caddis Fly Life Cycle
   Stone Fly Life Cycle
   Dragonfly and Damselfly Life Cycle
   Mayfly life Cycle and what Flies to use
   Caddis Fly Life Cycle and what Flies to use
   Sipping Dry
   Damsels in Distress
   Another Dragonfly Life Cycle about 14 minutes

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