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Fly Fishing Class at Skagit Valley College
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    Fly Fishing class at Skagit Valley College
Wednesday January 3rd through Wednesday March 14th
From 6:30 to 9:30 pm
Instructor: Bruce Freet

Important Notice: The class has been filled.
Introduction to Fly Fishing (Mount Vernon Campus)
This course focuses upon fly fishing for trout in western North America streams and lakes. The beginner will acquire sufficient knowledge and skill to start fly fishing and catch trout. The topics include: matching lines, rods, and reels; casting fly line; selecting leaders, knots, and tippets; learning about trout foods and related flies; basic fly tying; trout habitat and behavior; and fly fishing methods. About half of the classes will be actual "hands-on" learning by doing. There will be a couple optional Saturday classes as well.

The 2018 winter fly fishing class is scheduled to start Wednesday, January 3rd  6:30 to 9:30 and continue through Wednesday March 14th at the Mount Vernon Campus,  Roberts Hall, Room T-041 .
--Link to SVCC catalog page at Introdutory Fly Fishing Class SKAGIT VALLEY College Continuing Professional Education  select the Winter schedule then the course number.

Course Subjects and Instructors
Introduction: Getting Started Jan. 3rd Bruce Freet, Ryan Johnson, and Bill Brodie
Matching Rods, Reels, & Lines Jan. 10th Richard Raisler andBruce Freet
Casting Fly Line Jan. 17th & 24th Deene Almvig and Richard Raisler
Assistants Bill Brodie, Cathy Schaeffer, Bruce Freet, & Scott Willison
Selecting Leaders, Knots, and Tippets Jan. 31st Ryan Johnson and Greg Peterka
Learning about Trout Foods and Flies; Stream and Stillwater Insects: Feb 7th Bruce Freet and Dennis Wilson
Tying Flies to Imitate trout Food I: Feb 14th John Freeman
Assistants Tim Cooley, Brian Faber, Jim Paget & Patrick Smedile
Tying Flies to Imitate trout Food II: Feb 21st Tim Cooley
Assistants Bruce Freet, Brian Faber, Jim Paget & Patrick Smedile
Aquqtic Ecology: Trout Habitat & Behavoir in Streams Feb 28th Mark Nilson and Bruce Freet
Aquqtic Ecology: Trout Habitat & Behavoir in Stillwaters Mar 7th Robin LaRue and Bruce Freet
Fly Fishing: Strategies and Methods for Salmonids in North Puget Sound Mar 14th Scott Willison from the Confluence Fly Shop

Optional Saturday Classes
1.   Accessory Equipment and Clothing: February 3rd ---9:00 to 11:00am
      Instructors: Carl Hendricks and Don McKeehen
      Location SVC Fieldhouse
2.   Casting:  February 17th --- 9:00 to 11:00am
      Instructors: Deene Almvig and Richard Raisler
      Location:  Skagit River at Edgewater Park or RR  Bridge (depends on weather and river flows)
3.   Stillwater Fly Fishing:  March 10th --- 9:00 am to Noon
      Coordinator:  Bruce Freet  ( we need 4 to 6 of the above instructors.)