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Casting on the Salt with Scott Willison
« Opened on July 21, 2017, 04:54:14 PM (Edited November 11, 2017, 10:55:45 AM) »
Spey Casting on the Salt
Coordinator: Sheila Tomas   Date:  TBD

Scott Willison from the Confluence Fly Shop will put on a beach fly fishing and casting clinic for the Fidalgo Fly Fishers at Ala Spit.  The class focus will be on beach casting for distance and efficiency as well as dealing with the adverse casting conditions like wind and obstacles one frequently encounters along the beach.  He will also discuss reading the beach, strategies for covering water, fly and equipment selection and effective presentation methods.

If the club has about 20 members participating Scott will try to have a rod supplier provide some demo salt water rods and equipment.

Join Scott Willison of the Confluence Fly Shop and Echo Sales Rep Troy Lichtenegger to try out the latest rods and lines designed for one of the fastest growing fisheries in the Puget Sound. They will have the Echo Beach Boost single handers and new Boost Beach two hand over hand rods and Beach lines, along with a host of other Echo rods and lines geared toward our local saltwater cutthroat and salmon fly fishing opportunities. They will demo and help you hone your beach casting skills to deal with distance, strategy and wind. The demo will take place from 10-2 on Saturday,  xxth at Ala Spit. Waders and boots are necessary, bring a stripping basket as well if you have one. They will have a few to try out as well. You can bring your own rod/reel if you want, but they will have plenty of demo gear for everybody to try.
Please consider carpooling as parking at the spit is limited.

The club will provide Coffee and cookies.