Author Topic: Cutts and Bulls Whidbey Island Beaches.  (Read 124 times)


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Cutts and Bulls Whidbey Island Beaches.
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Cutts and Bulls Whidbey Island Beaches.

Coordinator: TBD   Dates: TBD
An experienced Fidalgo Fly Fishers member (TBD).  will introduce members to the Cutthroat and Bull Trout on Ala spit and at Hoypus etc..  General information will be provided at upcoming General Meetings, The Wahoo, and by an informal survey. Just let TBD know if you are interested..
Puget Sound's sea-run cutthroat trout are the best fishery in western Washington and in the spring, Cutts roam the beaches and gobble chum salmon fry.
Since 1998, it has been illegal to keep any cutthroat trout caught in Puget Sound, and the fishing has improved each year since then. Anglers find more Cutts--and more big Cutts--every year. All Puget Sound Cutthroat trout are wild, native fish, born in the hundreds of tiny, jump-across streams that feed Puget Sound.
A survey of those interested members will be made by the Coordinator in early February and an experienced member will be scheduled with the respondents to the local beaches , where Cutts and Bull trout may be found.  Ala Spit and Hoypus Point etc..